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About me

My name is Paula Nordfors. I am an Artist, Service Designer and Flow Yoga Instructor. I was born in Australia  but returning to Finland with my parents at a young age,

Traveling has been instilled deeply into my lifestyle. No wonder during my Art studies on University level my own teacher gave me nickname nomad. This picturesque still my personality very well. For me life is a Flow! 

My way of looking at world and people is holistic. To make a balance in your daily life everything must be given their own space and time. When I am working with people, I base my methods always on interaction and creativity. Joy is contagious!

At the moment I offer my services as  Service Designer, Art instructor and Yoga Instructor.  You may also find my Art Gallery as a Fine Artist here

My best competence as the Service Designer is from Horeca, Art field and Health & wellness. I use customer centered methods with lots of co-creation.

If you are looking for creative solutions or balance to be found with yourself or your customers, please contact me. I am here for you!

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